Abi Miller

-Juicy Vinyasa & Visioning

Aggeliki Matopoulou

-Rocket Vinyasa

-Sancalpa and Sahana

Alexandra Stone

-Purifying the Light Body. A Chakra Master Class

Andy Butterfield

-Being in the Here and Now: an Introduction into Mindfullness

Carla Sanchez

-The Eternal Beginner

David Kenet

-Explore and Experience the Benefits of Shamanic Sound

Dionne Eleanor

-Manbika Flow

Einat Ran

-Freedom Yoga

-Shamanic Yoga

Fransoiase Barrios

-Knowing your Ayurvedic Constitution

Garth Hewit

-Shiva Meditation

-Shiva Vinyasa Masterclass

Hannah Faulkner

-Spiritual Seahorse of Amorgos Flow

dr. Jasmin Malik

-The Health and Wellbeing of Yoga with Meditation for Depression

Karuna Dilbero

-Ayurveda and Aromatherapy

Katarina Gellin

-Getting the Scandinavian Work/Life Ballance

Kathryn Ann Webster

-Rock Your Responsibility

Kathy Cordelli

-Divine Sleep Yoga

Mette Kolding

-Yoga and Public Speaking

Morena Firpo

-Five Kosha Prana

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