April 9, 2018

This is why Yoga is for EVERYONE!

This is why Yoga is for EVERYONE!

The fact that the popularity of yoga has risen in that rapid way, has as a consequence a lot of people hesitate to add yoga in their daily life. The reason behind this vacillation is the misconception that only people with well-shaped bodies would be capable of practicing yoga. However, this is absolutely not true, as the only required thing to start practicing yoga is your willingness to enjoy it and your commitment to practice it in a daily base. Here you will find why yoga is suitable for everyone.

It’s a Multidimensional Exercise: Body, Mind, and Spirit

Yoga is a ‘tool’ to boost mindfulness of our thoughts and actions. If you are seeking a way to alter the way you are currently thinking to a more positive one, yoga will help you to achieve it.

Furthermore, awareness of body movements and posture are extremely increased through the wide range of styles and poses that yoga includes.

Finally, our spirit is engaged when practicing yoga, as the yogi experiences a great number of positive emotions when performing routines. At the end, you will have the sensation of cleansing and purity, which is beneficial to our emotional health and well-being.

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It’s Accessible for All

People of every age can practice yoga. The fact that there is a wide variety of poses gives you the opportunity to match your needs to the ideal one. For example, children and elderly people could make use of the poses that are for beginners. In case you believe that yoga is only for flawless bodies, it is time to change your mind. Do not forget that yoga is a healthy and fitness solution that can be tailored to every yogi’s desires.

Another significant advantage of yoga is that you are able to practice it wherever you are, without having the need of special and heavy equipment. Furthermore, everyone has the access to an enormous amount of information regarding new poses and routines, simply by using apps or YouTube.

It’s a stress-management solution

It is known that Yoga helps people to manage their anxiety and offers stress relief. Through smooth, soothing and relaxing movements, our bodies become anchors and help us center our attention in present moment, quiet our minds and focus only on positive intentions.

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It increases balance, flexibility, and strength

Through practicing yoga on a daily basis, the levels of your balance and flexibility will be fundamentally increased. In the begging, there is the possibility of finding some poses difficult, nevertheless, with proper guidance from your instructor, you will be able to ameliorate your performance in a short period.

Taking everything into account, yoga is the ideal way to exercise your body, mind, and spirit the same moment. Yoga is considered as a lifestyle choice and is easily adaptable to every personality, body shape, and age!

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