Elysia Shala

“Elysia” Step into an elegant space, infused with the richness of the natural Amorgian beauty and sparkly sea views. Accommodating up to 25 people, it comes with polished wooden floors and fully equipped with an overhead projector and a music sound system.
Capacity : 20-25
Square meters : 80

Prana Shala

‘Prana’ Tucked away on the side of the Lalon Idor Spa, the Prana shala offers an intimate setting for groups of up to 8 people. Enjoy your yoga or meditation practice in this relaxing environment, yet one that comes with an empowering energy.
Capacity : 8
Square meters : 30

Nidra Shala

‘Nidra’ Situated next to the indoor pool, the Nidra shala welcomes you to enjoy the quiet energy of Amorgos island from inside the Lalon Idor Spa complex. This lovely area fits up to 20 people and it offers groups a cosy, welcoming energy.
Capacity : 8
Square meters : 30

Ananda Shala

“Ananda Yoga Shala”, A luxurious setting for your yoga & meditation practice, welcoming bliss and relaxation. This gorgeous space fits up to 15 people and faces the sea and the outdoor salt-water pool, bringing you in contact with the natural beauty of the island.
Capacity : 15
Square meters : 50

Namaste Shala

“Namaste Yoga Shala“ is a distinctive part of the “Lalon Idor Thalasso Spa & Beauty Center”, especially made for yoga,pilates,reiki retreats and dancing. The Shala is a 300-square-meter-long outdoor space taking up to 85 mats, mostly for having yoga retreats outside while admiring the breathtaking view. It is surrounded by curtains. There is one side of 25-meter-long wall space available. If you need heating, we could use outdoor heating appliances.
Capacity : 100
Square meters : 200

Anatolia Shala

“Anatolia” Embrace the vibrant energy of the sunrise. Anatolia shala is a beautiful space with sea views and a plenty of brightness, that fits comfortably up to 27 people and from which you can hear the sounds of the Aegean Sea waves.
Capacity : 25-30
Square meters : 95

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